ENOUGH! is a movement for the people of South Africa, formed by the people of South Africa. We’ve had enough of police corruption, police harassment and police abuse.

ENOUGH! was inspired by the hijacking and abduction of my brother Ryan Pickford on May 11, 2012 by South African Policemen. Instead of being a victim he stood up and spoke out. He showed others that they should not tolerate the anarchy that is growing within our country.

Police are meant to serve and protect you, not hijack you.

We are aware that there are good, honest and committed policemen in this country; sadly they are far outweighed by the corrupt ones.

We aim to unite as citizens of South Africa, and together to expose the corrupt police and bring them to justice.

So enough of us need to raise our hands, share our stories and do something about it.

Our Objectives:
To raise awareness of the mounting police corruption, harassment and abuse in South Africa
To educate and inform citizens of their rights in the event they are stopped by the police
To equip citizens with tools to demonstrate their rights and protect themselves and their families
To create a platform upon which citizens can express their experiences without fear of retribution
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